Barndance Highlights

The rainy afternoon was no deterrent at all for our barndance-loving friends. To kick proceedings off, the students of the Newport String Project performed a plucky medley of fiddle tunes with flair. (The Chicken Reel was renamed the Turkey Reel for the occasion by our students - in honor of the approaching Thanksgiving feast!) Jayden Jayla


Then it was time for the Rusty Pick Up String Band with special guests Tom Perrotti and Mike Fischmann...


After a few simple instructions and demonstrations from master caller Jim Hicks...

Cherayne and Jim

they were OFF!

Dancing tunnel Ian pat a cake Jim and tunnelJayla and Billy  Tunnel dancing 12248251_604294739708407_5209440874754020832_o 12265730_604294546375093_8706865277195739992_o 12291196_604294766375071_8240987487167984885_o 12291305_604294453041769_2532179778881004948_o 12291677_604294936375054_6616310993290624488_o 12291691_604294836375064_2704898424840051252_o 12291729_604294633041751_9147854010623216217_o 12291748_604294623041752_2335373132681254524_o 12303937_604294466375101_2181127480363954529_o 12303956_604294843041730_3546610057751285226_o 12303987_604294696375078_2621164569791854734_o 12304562_604294476375100_398308086318027926_o 12307428_604294709708410_3181701677103631464_o 12308118_604294906375057_4132798931030400566_o 12308192_604294516375096_1650992985997692204_o 12308205_604294759708405_9134216705369976757_o

A huge thank you to our partners Common Fence Music and the Boys and Girls Club!

Also many thanks to Don Farias for his fabulous photography!

And don't forget - there'll be another barndance in February!!!!!!!!!!!