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This week, we are joined by guest musicians Marjorie Gere, violin, Daniel Sedgwick, piano and Joe Bentley, bass, for our upcoming concert at the Redwood Library. This collaboration is a special one because it will be a pilot for a new type of residency, that the Newport String Project hopes to experiment more with in the future. Dan at the piano

So how will this week be different?

  • Often a combination of scheduling and geographic factors mean that most of our rehearsing happens outside of Newport - this week we will be doing more rehearsing at locations around Newport. We hope to open up some of these rehearsals as open rehearsals - this will be an opportunity for curious folks to take a peek behind-the-scenes during the preparation process. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for details about that.
  • Marjorie will be stopping by the MLK Center to do a series of workshops with Newport String Project students. Something we often think about is how to create meaningful connections between our students and the guest musicians. Not only is it inspiring for the students to hear new perspectives on what they are learning, it makes them aware of their connection to a much larger community of Musicians. (Of course, the guest musicians are also lucky enough to get to hang out with a fun, cool group of students.)
  • The musicians will be out and about in Newport - so you might run into them at the coffee shop, strolling around, just being in Newport... We can't wait to see how all of this feels different to other guest musician residencies.

Marji headshot red wall

Stay tuned for the "post-game analysis"!