Recent Student Reflections

"It would be really cool if everyone played some instrument. We could dance and just play, because not everyone gets to. If two people knew a song but didn’t get along, they would still be able to play together - on the thing that they’re good at."

"My favorite song is ‘Lil Liza Jane’ - because I like how it sounds and it makes me feel excited and happy. I like that it’s kind of challenging to play. I just need some time but I can do it."

"My favorite piece is Lil Liza Jane. I just have to dance to it. It brings out my outer music. It makes me feel free."

"If everyone in Newport played an instrument, it would be cool because they'd all play music. I like music so much. It would make me seen."

"I would like more people to join the String Project. More concerts would help more people to come to the project.  I would have more friends if more people joined.  I would get to see more people."

"I'm hoping that a bunch of new people will come to the Newport String Project so that I can help teach them.  I want to learn long, hard songs not short stubby songs like a baby learning to walk."


"If everyone was a musician in Newport, they will always feel good.  They will be happy.  There will be more parades.  People would travel to Newport to hear everyone play.  People would feel more brave, there would be more justice."