Learning for All


A fresh start… Blowing off the cobwebs… Navigating new schedules and routines...

The back-to-school season can be an exciting time of new resolutions and possibility. And it can also present some challenges for students, families and teachers.

In the mosaic of the first few weeks, we have certainly had some challenging moments but there have also been some inspiring highlights.

One student turned up for her first lesson of the year and was uncertain that she wanted to continue. She was feeling very discouraged about the challenges of learning to play the violin. However after just a little bit of review, her mood and confidence soared as she realized how many of her skills were still in her fingertips because of how hard she had worked last year.

Another student spontaneously started to explore the question of how to take a piece of music by Bach and how to make it your own or make it relevant to a new audience.

And as always, we keep our ears open for those snippets of conversation that let us know that good stuff is going on…

“This year is even more fun.”

“If you had told me I could play a piece like this a few years ago, I would have said it was IMPOSSIBLE.”