Inaugural behind-the-scenes gatherings this fall!

Two significant behind-the-scenes moments occurred in recent weeks. The first of our monthly all-staff meetings gave us an opportunity to officially welcome Gillian, Zan and our new administrator Hannah to the project. It also gave us an opportunity to begin the conversation about how to develop a staff culture that aligns with our mission and values. Alongside juicy discussions exploring the Newport String Project’s approach to building community, equity and access, we anticipate coffee and pastries being a regular feature of these gatherings.


Another milestone occasion was the Newport String Project’s inaugural Board Meeting. Building on the rigorous work of last year’s advisory committee, the project has now transitioned to having its first official board. Newport arts leader, Dominique Alfandre leads this dynamic group including Marilyn Warren, Garry Fischer, Marla Pyle and Heath Marlow.

The meeting enabled us to delve into the nuts-and-bolts details of the Newport String Project’s next organizational phase. It was especially exciting that the board meeting was held at the Newport String Project’s new administrative and rehearsal headquarters. (Check the blog again soon for an update on this exciting big step!)

NSP 0012.jpg