Fifth Annual Paper Orchestra Building Workshop

The happiest of chaos - hard as it is to believe, the FIFTH paper orchestra began its journey last week! This event never fails to be fun-filled mayhem and this year had the added excitement of building cardboard cellos for the first time. As always, it proved to be a fantastic opportunity for the moms, dads and siblings to get in on the action as the newest crop of young musicians begin their journey!

Cardboard awaiting transformation.JPG
Cardboard taping station.JPG

You can never have enough masking tape!

Taping cellos(1).JPG

Collaboration is key!

Farrah and Emmy(1).jpg
jaime and elias.jpg
logam and liliana.jpg
diego and patents working.jpg

The painting station is definitely a big favorite!

Elias painting cello.JPG
smiling elias.jpg

Making paper instruments... and making memories together!

Kristina and Blessing 2.jpg
rodrigo and mom best.jpg
maleeyah and mom(1).jpg
diego and parents.jpg
Maleeyah and mom.jpg

It's gonna be a big year!

proud nesta 2.jpg