Meet January's Guest Artists - Lauren Latessa, cello

In a new series of blog posts, we will be featuring lightening round interviews with our guest artists. If any readers are curious about the creative process, inspirations and background of our guest artists, feel free to send us questions! First in the hotseat, is cellist, Lauren Latessa, who will be joining us for a performance of Brahms' Piano Trio No 1 at Emmanuel Church on January 25th. Lauren headshot

Lauren Latessa, cello

Can you tell us something about how you started playing the cello?

I started playing when I was six years old.  I have a great aunt who is a cellist and my Mom took me to meet her.  I didn't know what a cello was, and when it was first described to me, I thought it was a violin!  I was completely surprised when I saw how big it was!!!

As a Fellow at Community MusicWorks, you have been immersed in ideas about the connections between music and community - can you tell us about any surprising discoveries on your journey?

I think all of us who have gone through the CMW fellowship are struck at one time or another by the remarkable way in which CMW's music creates so many different layers of community.  I think last year's ArtPlace concert, when Emmy and her parents band played, embodies this the best.  People of drastically different ages, ethnicity and socio-economic status came together to eat, dance and listen to the music!

You're playing a lot of Brahms' chamber music these days! (You can hear Lauren perform Brahms' G Major Sextet with Community MusicWorks Players at Roger Williams University! More details here...) What's your take on why people fall in love with his music?

Brahms' music is amazing! It's been great to work on the trio and sextet at the same time! I think he pushes people emotionally and I think people crave that kind of engagement in their lives.

If you had to use three words to describe Brahms' Piano Trio in B Major....

Expansive yet surprisingly human.

You can find Lauren's complete bio on our guest artist page.